Coded Embroidery Course 2018. Discover programming through art - or art through programming!

Coded Embroidery Course 2018
Discover  programming through art - or art through programming!
Supported by the Trinity College Dublin Fund for the Visual and Performing Arts

Junior Cycle Visual Art Elective Webinar - March 20th, 19:00-20:00

Engaging with Junior Cycle Visual Art Specification. 

Register at or through the link on @jctVisualArt or simply follow the link below;

NATIONAL MEETING 2018 - 24/02/18, 2pm, Glucksman Gallery, UCC, Cork

The first National meeting of 2018 will take place in the Gluckman Gallery in UCC, Cork - Saturday 24th Feb, 2018, 2pm.


The meeting will be proceeded by an educational tour of the Gallery.