ATAI Study Trip

Dear colleague,

Here is the itinerary for the ATAI Study Trip to Berlin in the February mid-term break. If you are interested in joining the group please send me an email by return as I need to give the travel agency final numbers by Wednesday 21st January at the very latest. Depending on the number of ATAI members, family members and friends who go on the trip the cost will range between €566 and €650 for the flights and 5 nights accommodation.

I do hope you can join us,

Patsey Bodkin

Acting Chairperson Dublin ATAI

Suggested itinerary for ATAI Berlin study trip: February Mid-Term Break 2015.



10am        Bauhaus-Archive Museum

2pm          Brucke Museum (German painting 1905-13)


10am        Museum Island. Five museums (Prehistoric-Egyptian-Roman, Pergamon etc).


10am        Germaldegalerie (National Gallery)

2pm        Hamburger Bahnhof (Museum of Contemporary Art


10am    Katherine Kolwoitz Museum (20th Century  female artist- Drawing, Print, Sculpture)

2pm      Jewish Museum


10am  Kunstgewer bemuseum (Decorative Arts)

2pm    Free for Cultural Interests!!!!!!!

Optional Evening Visits:  Berliner Philharmonie, Staatsoper Unter den Linden (Opera), Staatsballett Berlin