Regional Branches

What Are Regions?

The ATAI works nationally but is also broken up into several smaller regional groups, some are by county or a larger geographical region, who organise events, meetings and workshops to cater for Art Teachers around the country. Teachers from anywhere in Ireland can attend events organised in any of the regions. Some areas do not have formal organised groups. If you would be interested in setting one up, you should contact The National President at

Since November, regional branches are organising a variety of engaging events and if there is a charge, teachers will be able to book and pay for them through Eventbrite. Keep an eye on our web/app, Twitter ATAI, Instagram atainational and Facebook page Art Teachers’ Association of Ireland (ATAI) for upcoming events. Any workshop fully attended by members, will be sent a certificate afterwards which can be put towards CPD.


The Cork regional branch was re-established in 2009 and is one of the most successful and active regions. The Cork chairperson is Yvonne Cronin who took over in Nov 2019. Any members throughout the country can attend workshops or events in any of the regions. If anyone would like to join Yvonne in organising exciting future events please email the National President at


Mary Toland (former national executive Committee member and Honorary ATAI member) started the Donegal branch in the Mid 1980’s. The Donegal branch hold an annual esteemed exhibition of students work in the Donegal County Council Library lower Main St. Letterkenny.

The Annual Suile na Nog exhibition of Junior cycle and now Senior cycle work is the most viewed exhibition for RCC. Regional Culture Centre and is now a featured part of Wainfest for the Donegal arts festival.

If you would like to make contact with the Donegal branch please email


The Dublin regional branch was set up in Nov 2019 by Andrew Kenny and Sabrina Dignam . It is a region with a huge amount of art teachers and an area which is rich with opportunities for guided tours, workshops, talks by artists. Members in other regions and around the country can attend events and meetings here also. You can email the National President at


Galway regional branch had been active since 2017 by Steven Ryan and Elizabeth Lynott. They have had wonderful workshops organised in GMIT and have exciting times ahead in Galway 2020. We wish the Galway branch our very best over this year. Members in other regions and around the country can attend events and meetings here also. For information on events/activities, please keep an eye on our social media and our web/app. Alternatively, email the National President at .


The new Limerick branch was launched in 2017. Committee members currently consist of Olivia McCarthy. Anyone who would like to join Olivia and help on the committee to organise exciting workshops, guided tours etc please email Olivia at or the National President at .We are delighted this region is now represented by their own branch. Members in other regions and around the country can attend events and meetings here also.

How to Set Up a Branch

if you would like to set up a Regional branch in your area, please email the National President at