ATAI Teachmeet and the NCAD Education Day June 20th

The National College of Art and Design will launch its 2016 Graduate showcase and this year the college plans a week of events designed for specific audiences. An education showcase will take place on Monday 20th June, this day will give teachers, students and all educational partners the opportunity to view the shows and engage in a number of specific events. The Art Teachers Association of Ireland will hold a Teachmeet on the day giving art teachers a chance to share good practice, practical innovations or personal insights into teaching and learning. Participants at the Teachmeet can volunteer to share any good practice they’ve delivered or discuss a product that enhances teaching and learning or you can just listen and learn. The event is about the exchange of Ideas so we would ask that everyone brings an idea, methodology, project, image or resource to share with the group.

For more information follow this link – NCAD ATAI Teachmeet