Congratulations to the New National ATAI Committee

A new National Committee was elected at the AGM of the ATAI on Saturday 30th of November. I’d like to congratulate and welcome five new committee members to the National Executive, Catherine Hennessy (President), Natasha Edmondson (Vice President), Dawn O’Sullivan (Secretary) Maria Murray (Treasurer), Mary O’Mahony (PRO) and I’d also like to thank two previous committee members, Amy Lomasney and Catherine Jordan for staying on for another year in their posts. The web committee will remain as before. I’d like to thank Jean O’Farrell and Muireann O’Neill for committing to another year with myself on the web committee.

The National Committee is as follows:

Catherine Hennessy – President
Natasha Edmondson – Vice President
Dawn O’Sullivan – Secretary
Maria Murray – Treasurer
Mary O’Mahony – PRO
Amy Lumasney – SARG Rep
Catherine Jordan – Membership secretary

The Website committee is as follows:
Muireann O’Neill
Jean O’Farrell
John Lyons

I would like to thank all those who attended the AGM on Saturday and I’d like to congratulate and thank those members who have volunteered to be on the National committee for the coming year. It is fantastic to see that so many Art Teachers are willing to give up their time to support Art Teachers and our association. It is so important to have a strong association and never has the importance of the association been so apparent, as at the AGM on Saturday it was with great pleasure that the outgoing committee were able to report on fantastic progress being made with regard to Leaving Cert Assessment reform. This would simply not happen without a strong association and successive dedicated committees in continual dialogue with the DES, SEC and NCCA over the years. 

John Lyons