Correspondence from the SEC to School Authorities, 27/03/19.

Completion of the LC Art Practical Coursework 2019


For the attention of the School Authorities
Dear Principal/Manager
The State Examinations Commission (SEC) has recently been made aware that some candidates may not be completing their Leaving Certificate Art Practical Coursework under the required conditions set out for the subject – in particular, that some candidates have been observed in possession of their coursework workbooks outside the art room or even outside the school.  The SEC wishes to remind schools of the following:  

The coursework authentication arrangements for Art (Including Crafts) are the same as those that apply to other subjects with practical coursework components, as outlined in SEC circular letters S68/08 and S69/04.  In particular, the conditions for the acceptance of coursework include the following:

The State Examinations Commission will accept Practical Coursework for assessment only where it has been completed under the following conditions:

·         The subject must be formally timetabled (with timetable available to Commission personnel)

·         The school/centre must be available for monitoring by Commission personnel

·         The Practical Coursework must be completed under the required conditions as set out for individual subjects

·         Practical Coursework must be conducted under the supervision of a class teacher with the work authenticated by the teacher and principal in accordance with this circular (Circular letter S69/04).

This means that neither the coursework workbook nor the realised works can leave the school under any circumstances.  

In the interest of fairness for all candidates, the above conditions should be strictly adhered to.  Failure to do so will result in the coursework of any affected candidates not being accepted for assessment by the SEC.  Candidates should be reminded of the clear instruction given in the Instructions to Candidates in the coursework brief:

6. Your workbook and realised works must not be removed from the school under any circumstances as doing so will result in the coursework being considered invalid and no marks will be awarded.

For more detailed instructions on the conditions for acceptance of coursework, please refer to Circulars S104/18 and S18/19 which have been issued to schools recently and which are also published on the SEC’s website ( under Examination Information … Project and Practical Work.

Finally, the SEC also wishes to remind schools that the completion date for the LC Art Practical Coursework is Friday, 5th April 2019. 

If you have a query in regard to the content of the above, please contact the Practicals Section by telephone on 090 644 2861/2862.
Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Michelle Hanafee
Higher Executive Officer
Practicals Section
State Examinations Commission
Ph. No. 090 64 42867