Important JC and LC information

Junior Cycle Visual Art Planning
Dear members,

We would like to draw your specific attention to the following information, which we intended to include in the November newsletter, sent earlier today. 

This is the most recent information from the Department of Education of Skillsrelating to Junior Cycle Visual Art planning:

  •  The Framework for Junior Cycle 2015 assigns 200 hours to Junior Cycle Visual Art across three years.
  • As is established practice, schools continue to have autonomy to plan their timetables, subject to meeting that minimum requirement.
  • As the context varies in schools (for example the length of class time, half days etc),  you can expect that timetables will differ across the school system.
  • Subject department/teacher planning should support the successful implementation of the Visual Art specification.
  • Planning  follows on from an understanding of, and confidence in using, a learning outcomes approach.
  • Successful planning will align teaching strategies and assessment methodologies with the learning outcomes set out in the specification.
Leaving Cert Revised Assessment Framework
In relation to concerns about Junior Cycle cluster days clashing with Leaving Cert assessment coursework, please note the following:
  • The timing of the cluster days is determined by JCT, who will have taken into account the broader context including the requirements of the coursework process. Efforts are always made to minimise disruption to schools and it is essential that all teachers have adequate opportunities to avail of the CPD so that they are fully informed about the new specifications for their subjects for junior cycle
  • The Department’s clarification on Circular 0035/2015 outlines arrangements for the assessment of Leaving Certificate Art, and recommends a minimum of thirty hours of classroom contact be provided for the delivery of the coursework components over the ten week period beginning after the Christmas break.
  • Should a conflict emerge between the timetabling of a cluster meeting for a school and this requirement, which causes significant difficulty in a school, the school should alert the JCT.