A message to our members

Dear members,


I hope you and your families are all well and safe. We, the ATAI, understand these are very uncertain times that we have never been in before. We are receiving many emails and concerns from our members which we are forwarding to the relevant bodies. We are in constant contact with the SEC also.


Be assured that we are all in this situation together with the same questions and same worries but also take solace in knowing that if there are decisions or changes made it will come from the Minister for Education and relevant bodies and they will let us know. If we hear any progression we will keep you all informed.


Please continue to voice your concerns through the ATAI as it is the only channel of communication between teachers and the relevant parties.


The ATAI committee thank you for your constant support and commitment to your students and work. We will lead our students and ourselves through this situation with calmness and encouragement. Our passion for our students and subject is evident in you all. We are the frontline for our students and they will get through this by our belief that all will be resolved.


Kind regards

ATAI Committee 2019-2021


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