Important information from the SEC:

There may be members out there that may not be aware of the new arrangements for Leaving Certificate Art in 2018, particularly those who are teaching outside of the regular school timetable. It is very important that they are made aware of the implications of the changes.
The Leaving Certificate Art exams will be changing in 2018. Instead of invigilated exams, candidates will be producing artefacts for submission over a 10 week period in class time at school under the supervision of their art teacher. The Imaginative Composition/Still Life, and Craftwork or Design examinations will not take place as before and are replaced by the 10 week coursework period.  This period will take place immediately after the Christmas break. Sample examination papers and workbooks have been issued to schools. For further information please see the State Examinations Commission website.
Please note that one consequence of the new assessment arrangements is that it is not possible for students who are doing Art outside of a properly timetabled school context to submit coursework, which means they cannot access 50% of the marks for the examination.  If you are aware of any students or teachers who are involved in private teaching arrangements, please make sure that they are aware of this.
The circular can be accessed at

Please also be aware that all schools have been issued with sample workbooks. If you have not received any, you should contact your school administrator/secretary/principal.